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About Founder


Dr.S.Rangarajan, Founder Chairman & MANAGING trustee of Sundaram Medical Foundation, was the son of late Mr T S Santhanam, Chairman of Sundaram Finance. He was a Chartered Accountant with an MBA in Finance from the University of California at Berkeley, USA. Dr S Rangarajan changed his career at the age of 30 with the self-realization that he would find more involvement and satisfaction in helping people constructive way. His vision was to establish “a hospital, providing quality health care, which is cost – effective and community-centered, in an environment which is clean, caring and responsive to the needs of the patient”. His vision resulted in the creation of Sundaram Medical Foundation (SMF), which serves as a ‘Role Model’ of health care delivery system in India.


Sundaram Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit 191 bed Multi Speciality General Hospital located at Anna Nagar, a prime locality in Chennai. Promoted by the Sundaram Finance Group as a trust in November 1990, SMF has been conceived and planned by Late Dr.S.Rangarajan, son of Late Mr.T.S.Santhanam, Chairman Sundaram Finance. Dr.S.Rangarajan was a qualified Chartered Accountant and an MBA (Finance), who subsequently obtained a post-graduation degree in Medicine to change his career. A professionally managed hospital with a strong parentage, SMF has substantial depth within the broad specialities offering secondary health care which gives it the ability to ensure early detection and treatment of diseases, followed by referral to specialized centers if required, for tertiary care. With a work force of 850 staff and 150 medical professionals, the hospital provides free medical treatment to 30% of its Outpatients and 15% of Inpatients.

The Vision of SMF and its Founder are spelt out below:

“SMF will provide Quality Health Care which is :

  • Cost Effective
  • Community Centered

Sundaram Medical Foundation is also an approved training centre by the National Board of Examination for Post-graduation degree as a 'Diplomate of National board' in ten broad specialities. It also houses a training centre for Dental students and offers Post-Doctoral Fellowship programme in Critical Care Medicine, B.Sc Degree program in Emergency Medicine, and other reputed Academic programs such as Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM), Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) and Member of the Royal College of Peadiatrics & Child Health (MRCPCH).

It also provides medical training for para-medicals, such as Physiotherapy & Nutritional Support Service Internship, and also conducts conferences like Academy for Continuing Medical Education (ACME) and Focussed Overviews Reviews & Updates in Medicine (FORUM).

The hospital lays great emphasis on maintaining quality standards. SMF is certified by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 (Information Security Management Systems), ISO 15189: 2012 (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories).

It operates in an environment which is clean, caring and responsive to the needs of the patient, and serves as a Role Model of Health Care Delivery system in India.

In its years of service to the community, We are proud of the fact that SMF continues with a series of expansion and enhancement initiatives that will advance the vision of our founder.

The SMF Advantage

  • Quality medical care, which is cost – effective and community centered care is the mantras that guide the policies of SMF. As a Non- Profit institution, SMF has been endowed with a large corpus fund by the Sundaram Finance group of companies. The parent organizations have recognized the need to subsidies the capital costs of the project, and consequently, SMF is not burdened by high debt servicing costs or debt repayment obligations. Economies in project design and implementation, and scrupulous scrutiny of all medical equipment purchases for “appropriateness”, have also resulted in cost savings that will be passed on to the community.

  • What strategies will the management and staff at SMF adopt to pursue these objectives?
    Quality in medical care can only be measured in terms of “outcome” and in the levels of patient satisfaction generated over a period of time. Quality can be achieved only through an unswerving commitment on the part of the management and with the support of all members of the medical, nursing and paramedical team. At SMF, the presence of a core group of dedicated, full-time medical staff, practicing exclusively at the hospital, ensures round-the-clock quality medical service. SMF has set in the place a series of measures and processes that will form the basis of a Quality Assurance Programme. The maintenance of scrupulous medical records, morbidity and mortality reviews, and in-house infection control programmes all these form the backbone of an on-going Medical Audit process.

  • SMF will look at ways of reducing utilization of facilities, over the long run – by – reducing length of hospital stay, focusing preventive health and early detection of diseases, reviewing “appropriate” usage of antibiotics and other treatment modalities.

  • SUNDARAM MEDICAL FOUNDATION was an idea, whose time has come, and now as we move into our 25th year medical of service to the community. We are confident that it will continue to serve as a role model of health care delivery in this country.

Vision, Mission


Sundaram Medical Foundation is the brainchild of Dr.Rangarajan, the Founder Managing Trustee, a member of the T.V.S Family, a leading business group in TamilNadu. He was a Chartered Accountant and took up MBA from the University of Berkley,USA.He was a self involved person and wanted to serve the community. For this ideal, he took up a career in Medicine, qualified as MBBS and MD in General Medicine.

As per his Vision, SMF will

  • Provide Quality Health Care which is cost effective and Community Centered in an environment which is clean, caring and responsive to the needs of the patient.
  • Serve as a Role Model of Health Care delivery system in India.


  • Provide quality medical care by establishing a Centre of medical excellence.
  • Maintain the Centre of medical excellence through a process of periodic medical audits and Hospital Engineering of appropriate medical records.
  • Provide appropriate medical care through a core team of competent and committed consultants in all general disciplines and providing an environment, which is clean, caring and responsive to the needs of the patients.
  • Provide appropriate education and training of medical and paramedical staff and focus on research and academic activities as appropriate.
  • Provide community oriented medical care through a process of ongoing interaction with the community and obtaining feedback and through appropriate community outreach programmes.
  • Provide cost effective health care by ensuring that the total cost of treatment/ healthcare provided is economical.

Quality Policy & Objectives


SMF is committed to providing Quality Health Care services, which is caring and responsive to meet the requirements of the patients with the aim of providing ‘Total Patient Satisfaction’.

We shall achieve this by

  • A Committed, Competent and Courteous team of medical and other professionals
  • By ensuring Compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Striving to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, integrating with the other applicable Management system requirements


  • Focus always on patient’s safety & well being.
  • Keep abreast of latest developments in the field of patient care.
  • Maintain high professional standards of patient care with regular quality audits and reviews to maintain excellence.
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Training & motivation of all our employees towards professional excellence & culture of quality, courteous care, dedicated teamwork, continual improvement, transparency and professional ethics.
  • Development of evidence based and scientific problem solving, across the organization
  • Attention to environmental protection, energy conservation, hazards related to occupational health and safety.
  • Establish & maintain an effective Quality Management system to provide total satisfaction to patients and employees, fulfilling their reasonable aspirations.
  • Create awareness on health care in society & provide quality health care at affordable cost.


  • Accredited under NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health care Providers).
  • ISMS : First hospital in India to be certified under the standard ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 –- Information Security Management Systems.
  • NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified hospital based laboratory services in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology and Histopathology in Chennai under the standard ISO 15189:2012.


Board of Trustees

  • Sri.R.Ramanujam – Chairman and Managing Trustee
  • Sri S.Ram – Trustee
  • Sri S.Viji – Trustee
  • Dr.Arjun Rangarajan – Trustee
  • Dr.T.S.Ravikumar – Trustee
  • Sri S.Rajarethinam – Trustee
  • Sri S.Ravindran – Trustee in charge
  • Dr.Arjun Rajagopalan – Trustee & Medical Advisor
  • Dr.Vijayabharathi Rangarajan – Trustee & Director Community Services
  • Sri T N P Durai – Trustee & Director Administration
  • Dr.P.V.Jayasankar - Trustee & Medical Director

Deputy Medical Directors

  • Dr.T.Girija – Deputy Medical Director
  • Dr.Kuruvilla Thomas – Deputy Medical Director - Academics

What Our Patients Are Saying

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