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SMF has 2 state of the art, air-conditioned Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulances, as mandated by the state government.

The Basic Life Support ambulance has provisions for carrying all medications and equipment necessary for resuscitation.

In addition, it is designed to carry a Multi-Parameter Monitor, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a Suction Device, an Analog BP Apparatus and a stand for a ventilator with oxygen supply.

High priority is given to both patient and healthcare provider safety with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Needle Disposer, a Wash Area and seat belts for all seats in the ambulance.

Adequate and innovative lighting solutions have been provided, in case any procedures need to be done enroute.

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulance has all of the above mentioned features. In addition, the AED is replaced by a manual defibrillator and there is a separate space provided on the exterior of the ambulance where we carry transport equipment such as a Scoop Stretcher and Foldable Stretcher cum Chair for carrying people down narrow stairwells.

This ambulance is equipped with Splints for immobilizing fractures and a Four-Fold Stretcher. As and when needed we keep upgrading the equipment and supplies in the ambulance to suit patient needs.

The trained paramedics, staff our ambulances and are the first responders in any emergency calls that we receive. They are well-versed in handling all emergencies.

As and when the situation demands, doctors also accompany the patients during emergency transfers.

The SMF ambulance has been designed with the aim of providing high quality pre-hospital care and we strive continually to provide the same to all our patients.

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For Online Teleconsultation Appointment call us on 8939978068 between 9 a.m - 5 p.m Monday to Saturday