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Home Care Services

Home Care Services

What is Home Care Service?

Home care service is an extension of patient care in the environs of his or her own home. It does not or involve emergency care/medicine.
Our support services enable you to enjoy your home, family and loved ones. With your Doctor’s approval we help you to return home, or stay home with complete confidence.

Who is eligible for Home Care Services?

  • The old and infirm as well as others for whom travel is difficult, the visually handicapped, or bed-ridden patient, and the orthopedically or neurologically handicapped are eligible.
  • These patients need not be denied regular medical/nursing care on account of their handicap.
  • We aim to help you relax, feel secure and maximize your independence among your own familiar surroundings.

What are the services covered by the Home Care Services?

Medical and paramedical services are available:
1. Home visits by doctors, including nurses, physiotherapists, Senior Physicians etc. Are covered under this Scheme with each professional offering a particular service.
2. Brief, routine, or periodic medical checkups.
3. Home Care Services Includes:

  • Stapler removal
  • Wound dressing
  • Suture removal Minor/Major
  • Injection IM/IV/SC
  • Enema/Bladder wash
  • Catheterization/removal
  • PAP Smear
  • Ryles tube insertion
  • IV Infusion
  • Lab investigation
  • Vaccination for flu and Pneumococcal.

What is not covered by the Home Care Services?

Blood transfusions, IV chemotherapy, POP dressings, complex dressing changes, insertion of tubes requiring radiological confirmation, narcotic injections, treatment of deep seated infections etc. Are not covered. Seriously ill patient’s requiring hospitalization, patients with unstable vital parameters, high fever, will also not be covered. Suitability of Home Care Services rests with medical co-ordinator of the Home Services. Emergencies are not included under Home care Services. For Emergency contact: 044-26202233/26144240/444/100.

What are the geographical areas covered by the Home Care services?

Home Care Services is restricted to the following areas: Anna Nagar, Anna Nagar east, Anna Nagar West, Anna Nagar West Extension, Ambattur, Thirumangalam, Arumbbakkam, ShenoyNagar, Kilpauk and JJ Nagar (Mogappair), Preambur. Maximum of 10 Km radius.

How soon will Home care services respond to a call?

  • Home Care Services will function from 10 am - 4 pm
  • Calls will be received from 9:15 am - 4:45 pm

How is the Doctor involved in this?

Supervision is of course a vital link between the doctor, the patient and his family. At all times the patient is primarily under a doctor’s care, with Home Care Services only carrying out instructions. On completion of the services required, a brief report is sent to the concerned doctor for follow up. Wherever required, a doctor will accompany the house call.

What about costs?

It is much more economical and convenient than a hospital stay with all its attendant demands on time and logistics. Charge will depend on the location, the services rendered, doctor’s consultation if any, and of course, material charges. Before we come to your home, all costs are discussed openly and confidentially with you and your family. Fees are payable to the Home care Co - ordinators through NEFT/ QR code/ Card payment at the time of visit.

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Home Care Services

“We emphasise The CARE”

For Home Care contact: 9094003310

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