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We realize that you would have a lot of
questions about SMF and its facilities and service.
Following are some of the frequently asked questions, with the reply.


1) Where should I go for a new appointment?

It is advisable to make an advance appointment before you come to SMF. To make an appointment you can call SMF at 044 – 26144123 / 124 / 125.

If you have not made an advance appointment:

Please contact our Centralised Appointment Cell at the Out Patient Centre. Based on the availability of your specialize doctor you will be directed to the respective OPD’s. Otherwise you will be given an appointment on the dates available.

2) Where should I go for a new registration?

For Registration please contact our Reception Counter at SMF Out Patient Center and collect a new Registration form. Filled form and the registration fees should be submitted to the reception. Staff at the Reception will guide you to the appropriate counters.

3) What should I do after paying the registration fees?

On payment of registration fees, you will be given a Hospital Registration Card. This will have your name, address, contact number and hospital number. Then you will be asked to report to the appropriate OP (Out Patient) clinic at the scheduled time and contact the OPD Receptionist who will tell you when the doctor will see you.

4) Should I fill in separate registration forms for each department / specialist that I choose to consult?

No. Only one completed registration form is needed to open a new Hospital Registration number in your name at the hospital, which should be retained by the patient. This number is common to all the department of the Hospital irrespective of whether the patient is out-patient or In-patient. The same number is used by the patients for their subsequent visits.

5) I have already taken an appointment via Phone/Online, where should I report?

Report at the concerned clinic or approach the reception located in Out patient centre block, ground floor for guidance.

6) Is my Insurance (Mediclaim) policy accepted at SMF?

Yes, if your TPA is on the panel of our hospital.

7) I am a Company paid / credit patient, where should I submit my papers on my arrival?

Submit your papers at the Billing department located at the Ground floor between 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and after working hours you may approach the Emergency Reception, which is open for 24 hours. (Company paid patients are also advised to make an advance appointment before proceeding to our hospital by calling our ‘Appointment’ cell).

8) Is there credit card payment facility available?

Yes, we have Credit Card facility at the hospital. All Indian Credit cards are accepted.

9) Are all the departments in the same location?

Yes. All our Outpatient departments except Emergency Department is located in our SMF OP (Out Patient) centre.

10) The doctor has asked me to see a doctor in another department. How should I proceed?

If the concerned department has an OP clinic on the same day and if an appointment is available, you may be seen on the same day. If not, you may book the next available appointment and consult the doctor.

11) The doctor has asked me to visit him / her again and has also given me lab requests for tests and prescriptions. What should I do next?

  • Please take the repeat appointment slip and the lab request to the cash counter for generating the bill. Then take the bill to the Lab Reception, where Lab no. will be generated and given. You need to proceed with Lab no. sheet and barcode sheet to lab for drawing the samples.
  • Prescriptions should be taken directly to the Pharmacy, for payment and for procuring medicines. Keep all the cash receipts safely for your reference. In case you need reimbursement, it is essential to produce them.

Note: As per Drug Controllers Act, Medicines will be given only with the prescription.

12) What happens to the test reports?

Doctors will be able to view your lab reports except ECG, X-Ray using our Health Cube System in their computers. Meanwhile you can also contact our Despatch Counter located at our SMF OP Center and Collect all your test reports within 30 days between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm except Sundays and Holidays. We advise you to keep the documents safe for your reference.

13) I have a problem in the outpatient service whom should I contact?

You may approach the Reception or the OPD Facility coordinator in out patient centre.If you have any further questions please email to the following address.

Out Patients : anurao@smfhospital.org

In Patients : amudha@smfhospital.org


Sundaram Medical Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr.S.Rangarajan with the help of M/s Sundaram Finance Group of Companies as a Community Centred hospital,following the best tradition of medical service. Dr.Rangarajan’s vision was to provide Quality Health care which is cost–effective and community centred. Today SMF is a multispecialty hospital with state-of-the-art health care facilities providing services to New Born to Nineties under one roof.

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A single-stop facility with a full spectrum of services at affordable costs – that’s our Emergency Department, for you.

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We are dedicated to using technology to deliver the health care you need, when or wherever you need it.

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24/7 support

We are dedicated to using technology to deliver the health care you need, when or wherever you need it.

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SMF is a community centered hospital which provides health-care service delivery with a team of highly qualified full-time doctors, backed up by residents, junior doctors, nurses & other paramedical personnel.

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